Found someone who matches Zaven


I.T.S. Position Coach
Sep 21, 2008
Guy is a bit stronger, very athletic. Pretty good in coverage. Moved around a lot on the field damn good in coverage. Should be interesting to compare their NFL careers when it's all said and done.

Player X

6'4 260
40: 4.59
Vertical: 34
Broad: 10'2
Bench: 27 😳

Team didn't win a lot but he stood out, obviously not at a name school. Quick, played some safety in high school. Had a stack set up so he roamed around a bit. Lots of similarities, couple years older (probably helping out on that bench some). Flew under the radar but a few teams have been in on him and the draft guys seem to know why after those numbers.

For comparison:

6'4 257
40: 4.56-4.67 depending
Vertical: 35
Broad: 10'2
Bench: 19

Kind of similar history with the safety play athletic play and coverage skills from a stack, not on a top winning team two years ago, did get some attention. Didn't go to a "big name" football school. Definitely have some teams who are in early on him but maybe dropping a little in the eyes of the draft gurus, impressive numbers.

Just thought it would be a good comparison with so many similarities and just a couple differences.