Navy Game


I.T.S. Head Coach
Jan 23, 2008
Stafford, VA
Well as Hurry cane Ian makes its way towards me. It makes me think of the game at Navy next week. Its supposed to be sunny with a high of 61 that day. For me that is a major bummer. My kid has a Marching Competition that day and unless he is performing at 9 a.m., I wont be able to make the game for a 3:30 start. My kid is just a smidge more important than a football game. That said, I have 2 tickets to the game. So if you are coming down or up for the game and you want to bring a couple extra people or you need a couple of tickets let me know. They are 50 dollars a ticket and that is what I am letting them go for. I am taking the hit on the fees and taxes but I am just selling for face value.

If you are interested let me know.
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