Tulsa Men's soccer -- first practice, comments from Coach 'Mac'


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Dec 25, 2004
Can you buy the new jerseys anywhere?

I doubt this year is available. Coach cleans out the locker room every couple of years and they sell the leftovers at the gate. Sometimes they have them for sale too when the football team cleans out their supply during the spring game every couple of years. I bought a sweet long sleeved padded keeper jersey I’ve never wore and a summer field kit I’ve probably washed 100 times over the past twenty years. The thing is indestructible and still looks great. I don’t wear it in public though. I wore it to the 2006 UCF football game because I thought it would be good in the heat. I consider it cursed for all public purposes thereafter.
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Mar 9, 2012
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Season pushed to spring. They will get some scrimmages in the fall ... maybe.
So is everyone in the NCAA playing a Spring 2021 schedule or just teams hoping to compete in the NCAA tournament? There was a release of a top 10 rankings yesterday. UCF is ranked #8, Missouri State is ranked #10. I went to look to see if the original schedule for the Fall was still posted but it wasn't. We usually do play MoSt in the non-conference.

This team, whenever they do play is going to struggle for a bit. Lot of new faces and young, inexperienced (at this level) players.