📝 Larry Lewis TU Summer Position Analysis: QUARTERBACK

Chris Harmon

ITS Publisher
Aug 15, 2002
Tulsa, OK
To find a quarterback debut so awe-inspiring as Davis Brin's at TU, you have to go back to names like T.J. Rubley and Paul Smith for comparison.

Brin got thrown into the fire immediately against Tulane last year, and his Hail Mary pass to J.C. Santana at the end of regulation, combined with Zaven Collins' walk-off pick six in the second overtime, made it a legendary game in TU history.

Can Brin repeat his brilliant performance this season and lead an experienced Golden Hurricane to unprecedented heights? Will Brin be talked about half a century from now with the likes of Jerry Rhome and Glenn Dobbs?


Hurricane Drummer II

I.T.S. Freshman
Sep 15, 2020
Well, if you gotta be deep at any one particular position, QB ain't bad. It just looks like we are set for years to come. Sweet!
Don't let the hype go to your head. We all know Brin got lucky and only completed that Hail Mary pass because NFL LB Zaven Collins was somewhere on the sidelines when it happened. Without his nearby presence it falls incomplete. 😂

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