Transfers in to the football program.


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May 31, 2020
Understanding value and understanding talent with TU football.

My first football games at TU were around 1963, and my father received a graduate degree from TU.

When you look at the some of the players from that era like Jerry Rhome, Howard Twilley, Willie Townes and so many more they were solid athletes but they also had great “core values”.

The transfers coming in to TU this summer? Coach Monty didn’t pick the “hot transfers”. If you look and study the transfer portal some of these players in the portal are “rogue” players. When you read some of the bio‘s they’ve drifted from program to program or they’re just bad characters, or both.

Read and study. The players coming in that are transfers in to TU, for the most part, are upgrading from there existing situation. Second, all of these players come from great high school traditions and have good character backgrounds. They aren’t perfect but are they “good people”.

The culture remains intact. The core values remain intact. The commitment to excellence is there.

There’s a possibility for greatness. What is greatness? A group of ordinary guys coming together and doing extraordinary things.

The script has been written. Let’s come together as a team, fans and a community and scream and cheer from the top of our lungs for the Hurrcane.

Let’s take the hill! Damn it Monty. Let’s roll. This is going to be another team that’s going to have to fight way above its weight. That’s life.

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