Henry Kendall

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Dec 3, 2003
This does sound cool. Feels like they could tie in a couple of concerts on the TU campus to get folks there from around the world who would never see it. Just a thought.

Li'l Eric Coley

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Apr 7, 2004
Makes me wish I was still playing music so I could try to weasel my band onto the ticket. Although I doubt they’re looking for 50-year-olds doing “Fistfight in the Parking Lot” lol
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Dec 5, 2003
It just blows my mind that the school who had Janet Levitt now has a guy saying the kinds of things below. This literally is like the Republicans nominating Bernie Sanders next cycle in terms of the shift. I'm glad it happened but how does that happen?

My opinion is that Brad is freaking smart and has a vision for TU that is quite visionary, a cultural and learning center that is integrated into and a vital part of the city. There were people making fun of him for wanting to get some bands on campus but I think we should entertain the possibility that he's just a lot smarter and visionary than those people, who were applying in the box thinking to a problem that he saw out of the box. I hope I'm right but I'm very optimistic about where he's going.

Hopefully some of the events will be on campus. Looks like most are downtown.

"explained TU President Brad Carson. “Our city and its flagship academic and research institution – The University of Tulsa – have built a welcoming destination for scholars, creatives, entrepreneurs and others who push the limits. We are a campus and community of explorers who seek to carve new paths and chronicle new adventures,” Carson said."

TU 1978

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Jan 30, 2009
Hopefully there will be a connection to the campus. The fact that we are involved in promoting events like this is a major step forward from where we’ve been.

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