Is it time for an autocrat?


I.T.S. Senior
Mar 19, 2021
Russia, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Iran are largely despised on this thread. One of the chief characteristics they share is they are ruled by anti-democractic autocrats. There's no peaceful transitions of power going on in those countries and few people if any believe in the show 'elections' if they are even held. Their rulers stay in office as long as they want.

Yet, despite an attempt over throw elected results in the US at the end of the last Presidential election, a vast number of Americans are either not concerned or support it. Huge numbers still do.

On this board there's been no comment on the January 6 committee which is covering one of the most consequential episodes in US history. I could maybe understand it if everyone here thought that Biden didn't really win the last election. Is that true? Or do posters here prefer autocratic leadership that can stay in power as long as they like?

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