Drummond/ Steele race


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Dec 3, 2003
I need to briefly describe how utterly dumb this race is. Drummond is a great attorney who will do great things. I’m very excited about him having this office. He has the temperament and intelligence to go far in politics and will at least keep us entertained. If Stitt or Walters win, he is a perfect check on them.

His opponent, Lynda Steele, is not an attorney. She did not go to law school. She did not take the bar. If you ask her about that, she will ridicule and say a bunch of nonsensical things. She has no idea what the job does or even what an argument is. I’m not sure she has a sufficiently competent grasp of the English language.
She also has some intersting tittoos, I mean tattoos. You can’t miss em. I get the vibe she’s the sort of lady you meet at a bar and then decide a way to immediately leave said bar. Her experience is she was in charge of an artillery group or something and runs some sort of not for profit (I mean, more likely not for money because it isn’t a registered entity with state) that advocates in every domestic case that children be placed with the father.

Aside from the humor of all this, I have to say that this is why we don’t have nice things in politics. She is running as a Libertarian. The state libertarian party seems to think this is OK. It is not. It’s a damn joke.

We don’t have two political parties in this state. We have one that is incredibly arrogant and almost always wins, another that barely functions in any meaningful way other than accidents, and then crap like this. I don’t know what you do about it, but the is the state of politics here.
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Dec 17, 2002
Stitt and Drummond will be an interesting dynamic considering the history there. Looking forward to watching the fireworks.